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To our wonderful community,


It goes without saying that the hate we are seeing across the world towards our beautiful Asian brothers, sisters and elders has reached a point where we cannot bear to stay silent any longer.


The videos we are all seeing on social media are disturbing, to say the least. We feel your pain. Racism is an ugly thing that unfortunately still very much exists today. The good thing is that those racists are outnumbered. Together we are stronger and we have it in each and every one of us to stand up against these despicable acts.


To contribute to our Asian community, we’ve decided to donate all profits made from our S.A.H. wristbands to Asian communities & charities across the UK & USA. Here are just some of the incredible charities and organisations your money is going to:


Additionally, we are also donating directly to Asian owned businesses.


Together we can make real change happen.



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